• ​An initial no-cost, no-obligation interview with you.
  • At least one prenatal visit at your home, and usually another less formal visit towards the end of your pregnancy.
  • Unlimited support via email, phone & text.
  • Resources & information regarding pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum.
  • Assistance with or review of your Birth Plan.
  • Continuous physical & emotional support for you during labor (beginning at home if you choose).
  • Support for the father/birth partner.
  • Breastfeeding assistance within the first hour or two after birth, if needed.
  • 1-2 hour immediate postpartum care.
  • Photography of your labor & birth, if you wish - and as I am able while supporting you.
  • Postpartum support via email, phone & text.
  • An in-home visit following your birth to reconnect with your family and share about your birth, including a timeline of events as they occurred during labor.
  • Back-up doulas - in the unlikely event that I am unavailable at the time you go into labor.

As a postpartum Doula, I Offer:

As a birth Doula, I Offer:

Birth & Postpartum Doula, HypnoBirthing® CHildbirth Educator

My Doula Chris

Daytime Support:

  • Education on newborn care.
  • Breastfeeding support - postions, latch, pumping, storage etc.
  • Resource information.
  • Assistance with non-medical self-care recovery measures for mom.
  • Running errands if requested.
  • Care for older siblings (while Mom cares for baby).
  • Infant care while mom rests.
  • Cord and circumcision care.
  • Light household assistance (organizing nursery, washing bottles, doing laundry, preparing simple meals etc.)
  • Accompanying mother and/or baby to follow-up appointments.

     Nighttime Support:

  • Newborn care, so parent can sleep (if desired).
  • Assistance with feedings, whether breast or bottle-feeding.
  • Changing newborn’s diapers, swaddling and putting them back to sleep.
  • Light housekeeping or laundry as desired.
  • Prepping food, bottles and nursery for the following day.​